Welcome to the BioKinesiology Association of Ireland (BKAI).

Founded in 2019, the BioKinesiology Association of Ireland is responsible for the education, standards and certification and support of BioKinesiology practitioners in Ireland.

Kinesiology is an alternative health practice which uses muscle testing to identify weaknesses within the body and uses nutrition and neurolymphatic and neurovascular points to correct any issues.

BioKinesiology is a therapy which uses biochemistry together and traditional muscle testing techniques to try to identify the root causes of conditions and aims to remedy them through diet and nutrition. It identifies where any blockages or biochemical imbalances lie and what is needed to fix them. Pathways tested include ATP (Energy Pathway), Liver Detoxification & Methylation Pathways, Steroid Hormones Pathway, Thyroid Pathway. BioKinesiology sessions also include Food Intolerance testing, Digestive Enzyme testing and Toxicity testing.

As BioKinesiologists, we support clients holistically using nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle techniques.

For more information on practitioners in your area or to find out about gaining a Diploma in BioKinesiology, see our practitioner or course page.