Code of Ethics

These are to encourage integrity and responsibility in the practice of BioKinesiology the needs of the patient and the development of understanding among BioKinesiologists. As a code, they form the basis for discussion in the consideration of any complaint against a BioKinesiologist.

1) A BioKinesiologist has a responsibility to practice his/her profession with integrity, dignity and without prejudice.

2) The highest standards must be observed in conduct and in the care of the patient.

3) The BioKinesiologist must have loyalty to the patient and must have regard for his/her wishes.

4) BioKinesiologists should encourage their patients to take responsibility for their own healing and learning, with our help as educators.

5) BioKinesiologists shall report research findings and clinical experience methodically and honestly. All speculative theories should be stated as such and clearly distinguished.

6) BioKinesiologists are responsible for continuing their personal and professional development by undertaking additional training and study, conferring with colleagues and furthering their knowledge of theory and practice.

7) BioKinesiologists need to monitor their competence and be aware of the necessity to consult with colleagues or to refer a patient to a suitably experienced practitioner.

8) It is important that BioKinesiologists support and assist each other in their study and practice.