Rules of Association

There are certain matters of which the Society must inform its members for legal and professional reasons. If these requirements are overlooked, a BioKinesiologist may become involved in difficulties with the general law or with other professional or institutional organisations.

A BioKinesiologist is required:

1) To agree to accept and abide by this Code of Ethics and practice and to supply the Society with a signed Declaration to witness this agreement (Any alteration to this Code is to be treated in a like manner).

2) Not to disclose any information about any patient which comes to his/her attention through his/her professional relationship with the patient except:
a. Where required to do so by rule of law.
b. In an emergency or any other dangerous situation where, in the opinion of the BioKinesiologist the information may assist in the prevention of possible injury to the patient.
c. Where the patient has explicitly consented to the nature and extent of the disclosure.
d. Where it is necessary to protect the interests of the patient.
e. Where it is necessary to protect the welfare of society.
f. Where it is necessary to safeguard the welfare of another individual or patient.

3) To adopt a non-judgemental attitude towards the patient.

4) Not to disparage or speak disrespectfully of fellow BioKinesiologists, either in public or to patients.

5) Not to validate BioKinesiology by inappropriate criticism of other professions.

6) To advise the Secretary of the Society immediately in the event of any policy or governmental (including local government) inquiry into his/her practice.

7) To secure and maintain full professional indemnity insurance in accordance with
the Society’s directive.

8) Not to use any title so as to misrepresent their BioKinesiology qualifications.

9) Not to advertise orally or in writing a claim to cure any named disease.

10) Not to give a certificate or report to a third party without the consent of the patient concerned.

11) To maintain premises of a good standard and to ensure that these premises, together with all equipment, are kept in a serviceable and hygienic condition.