What is BioKinesiology?

BioKinesiology is a unique form of Kinesiology in Ireland and it differs from other kinesiology practices as it focuses on noncommunicable pathologies and taps into the various biochemical pathways of the physiological body.

BioKinesiology tests biochemical pathways in the body and identifies where any blockages or imbalances lie and what is needed to fix them. Pathways tested can include ATP (Energy Pathway), Liver Detoxification & Methylation Pathways, Steroid Hormone Pathway and Thyroid Pathway. BioKinesiology sessions also involve Food Intolerance testing, Digestive Enzyme testing and Toxicity testing.

As BioKinesiologists, we also support clients holistically using nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle techniques.
For more information on practitioners in your area or to find out about gaining a Diploma in BioKinesiology, see our contact and course page here.